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Filene's Remixing the Value Proposition Incubator

Thank you for joining Filene’s Value Proposition Incubator webinar. During our session, we shared insights from the first phase of our environmental scan, identifying emerging opportunities for business model innovation through research and input from credit union leaders. Your feedback will help us sharpen our focus on how to approach the development of test concepts and how best to build collaboration into our process. Please take a moment to answer the following questions:

Did you find Filene’s research into remixing the credit union value proposition intriguing, useful & compelling?*
(1=not at all, 3=some, 5=definitely)
How would you like to remain engaged in Filene’s Racial Economic Equity Incubator?*
If you would like to be included in future planning sessions, which concepts would you be interested in exploring with Filene? (Select all that apply)*
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